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In recent years Tetsuji Yamashita has also been focusing on workshops.
The content of his workshops is filled with surprises, so adults and children can enjoy together. The venue is always full of loud laughter and has a friendly atmosphere.
There are many impressions from the participants such as “ It was very fun”, “ I could do this over and over again since it’s so interesting.” , and so on.
Here, please enjoy the pictures of the talk and workshop which was held at Sekisho Art Museum (Hamada City, Shimane) in 2014.

The venues where workshops were held

◎ The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

◎ Sekisho Art Museum, Hamada City, Shimane

◎ Kanagawa Seibu / Sogo Yokohama, Kanagawa

◎ Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizen (or ”Earth Plaza”), Kanagawa

◎ Chantic Special Exhibition Room, Ibaraki

◎ Kitamoto City Outdoor Activity Center, Saitama