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Madelief & Kaneels

Selling South African handicrafts and delicious food & beverages. SouthAfrica’s handicrafts are very fashionable and a bit mischievous. Theircolorful colors and great creativity are the manifestation of power of theblue sky, the earth and the cheerful people there.

Shop Kyoto Mable

Silk scarves made with one and only print technique The unique print technique that was invented in the 1920’s in Europe was introduced in Japan in 1963. Today, nobody uses this technique even in Europe where it’s been started.The biggest charming point of our Kyoto Marble print technique is its fascinating multi-colors. It’s known as “a hundred-color print”.Silk scarves of “pas deux pareils”, the original brand by Kyoto Marble, are made from high quality silks that are woven by Japanese craftsman.Sewing is also done in Japan. We’re proud to present that our scarves are genuinely “MADE IN JAPAN”.Our recent work include “Zoo” and “Giraffe” designed by Tetsuji Yamashita (2019).


A Japanese company which drives the EC site specialized for arts with the vision “Creativity has No Boundaries”. Supporting the artists with translation, marketing, CS and international logistics services. The art works of Tetsuji Yamashita are also available HERE.

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