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In February, I wanted to organize my work image and my future plans. At the same time, I have begun sculpture, one of the things I wanted to do for a long time. Sculpture is my first experience. One of my teachers is a sculptor, so I ask him for his teaching, get a chisel for the time being, and carve it from there. At the same time, I started pencil drawing. I’ve never been a good, since high school student, and I’m probably not better than my current high school students who are aiming for an art university. But I imposed myself to draw slowly.
To tell the truth, there are already a number of new ideas in my head. So I wanted to sort out what I prioritized and what I wanted to express. In that sense, drawing and sculpture can be quite good way for me to do some soul-searching. By imagining and observing the shape, I can slowly unravel the yarns entangled in my head. I feel like a terrible thing will appear when multiple entangled strings have been unraveled, but it is mysterious that this is by no means an exciting feeling.